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Jim Meyer’s Impala

Jim Meyer, a veteran sound quality competitor and longtime customer came to us in 2012 wanting to take his install to the next level. His 1996 Impala SS had to be clean but a head turner. We worked with him to incorporate his ideas with our knowledge and experience in high end installs. So we started by redoing the trunk with a unique Plexiglas design, 100 feet of blue and white LEDs and grey Alcantara. Because of the quality of our work, he then commissioned us to do over his front stage. This included Hybrid Audio speakers in the “A” pillars and kick panels, Alpine power supply in the glove box and a custom dash with a Dakota Digital instrument cluster again wrapped in Alcantara. We also rewrapped the head lined to match the dash and the trunk.

His equipment includes an Alpine F#1 Status radio and processor, Hybrid Audio Legatia series speakers (L1 Pro R2 tweeters, L3 Pro midrange & L8SE midbass), four DLS amplifiers, wire by Straight Wire, Stinger, Kicker & Street Wires, Stinger & Kinetik batteries, Image Dynamics IDQ-15 subwoofer and Dynamat galore.

Jim’s many accomplishments have included 1st in the 2014 IASCA and MECA sound quality competitions at the Spring Break Nations, 1st place in the 2013 Florida State Championship plus many other 1st and 2nd place finishes.

If you are looking for a custom installation in your vehicle, come by and talk to us.